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               Yantai Cherry Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1991, is a trade and industry integrated enterprise group specializing in research and development, production and export of all kinds of garment. The group headquarters is located in ‘Cherry Mansion’, Yantai City, Shandong Province, which lies at the commercial core and cultural axis area, surrounded by the mountains and sea.

               Since its establishment, Yantai Cherry has always been adhering to the "pragmatic and efficient, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, anchoring the market, and focusing on its main business. After over 30 years of construction, it has formed nine Japanese trade divisions and two European and American trade divisions as business main body, nine standardized, automated, intelligent self-own factories and hundreds of joint venture factories radiating the Midwest, southeast Asia as capacity base, and two digital empowered design and development centers serve as innovation engines for garment industry cluster. The Group annual export volume of the garment is more than 10 million pieces, the total export value is stable at more than 150 million US dollars, and the production capacity reaches more than 30 million pieces. ‘Cherry Production’ is now well-known in Japan, European and American markets.

               As the leading industry enterprise in Yantai City and the representative enterprise in Shandong province, business scale of the Group ranks top 100 among the national garment export enterprises, top 10 among the national Japanese market textile garment export enterprises, and has won the "China Customs Senior Certification Enterprise", "China Export Leading Indicator Sample Enterprise", "Shandong Province Foreign Trade System Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise", "Yantai Meritorious Enterprise for Opening Up", "Yantai Credible Enterprise" and so on many honors.

               In the future, Yantai Cherry will keep practicing its corporate mission and delivering its brand value. Dedicated to producing environment-friendly, comfortable, healthy, and fashionable clothing products for domestic and overseas markets, providing professional, honest, fast and thoughtful supply services for global clothing enterprises. We believe in a win-win and promising future with all the Chinese and foreign friendly partners.

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